Spring 2020

Gonzales CoLab Fellows

Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is an Assistant Professor of International Education Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She conducts research on scholarship programs, international higher education, student mobility, social change, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Anne teaches courses related to comparative education, education policy, education and development, and data interpretation and presentation. Before coming to the Middlebury Institute, she managed international scholarship programs and has worked with university students in several countries around the world.

Anne is very excited to join the CoLab as a Faculty Fellow. She is eager to listen and collaborate with neighbors in Monterey County in co-designing research and evaluation projects, especially in work related to education, student leadership development, and social justice.

Gabriel Guillen

I am an Associate Professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and Director of our Summer Intensive Language Program. I have worked for different media, tech companies, and educational institutions, including the University of California in Davis, where I earned a PhD in Spanish Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. At MIIS, I teach content-based Spanish courses such as Spanish Social Entrepreneurship, Spanish in the Community, Spanish Fake News & Persuasion, Spanish Storytelling, Spanish Talks for Social Change, and Spanish Digital Projects. I am also an active practitioner and researcher in the field of language learning and technology and recently co-published the 3rd edition of Brave New Digital Classroom (2020), an overview on key concepts and challenges of teaching and learning languages with technology, with a new focus on social Computer Assisted Language Learning (social CALL).

I am excited to learn more about the role of language in Gonzales work with MIIS and CSUMB and the language needs of the community, if there are any. My professional and personal passion is intercultural exchanges so of course I am also interested in knowing if there is a place for this type of language learning experiences in Gonzales, leveraging our expertise in the field (see recicle.org).

Maha Baimyrzaeva

I am an associate professor at MIIS teaching in the public administration (MPA) program. My research is about managing change processes with a special focus on what drives behavior and learning. I am most interested in how the Gonzales CoLab engages with the community – how we may learn from and build synergistic relationships.

California State University Monterey Bay

Victoria Derr

Victoria Derr is Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at California State University Monterey Bay, where her teaching and research focus on the intersections between sustainable communities, place-based environmental education, and social justice, particularly in under-represented communities. Recent research has focused on children, nature, and resilience in the U.S. and Mexico, and current research seeks to understand Latin American transnational relationships with the environment. From 2012–2016, Dr. Derr served as faculty coordinator of the child-friendly cities program Growing Up Boulder at the University of Colorado, which brought city government, schools, youth groups, and university partners together to plan and envision a more sustainable place for all. This work was the genesis for Placemaking with Children and Youth: Participatory Practices for Planning Sustainable Communities, published by New Village Press in 2018. Dr. Derr holds a masters and Ph.D. in environmental studies and has more than 20 years’ experience supporting children and youth participation in creating a more just and sustainable future in the U.S., Africa, and Latin America.

What most interests me about the CoLab is the opportunity to really think about community in new ways. I see exciting opportunities to bring together work such as language learning with work to consider community identity, well-being, and sustainability. In my previous work in Colorado, we often partnered with the English Language teachers because the process of engaging children and youth in thinking about their communities allowed them to build vocabulary, learn to express themselves through arts and a new language, and gain confidence in speaking to other members of the community. They gained confidence and a sense of belonging and ownership of their work and community. In the Gonzales CoLab, I see exciting possibilities to bridge sectors in thinking about transformative education and community building.

Dante Di Gregorio

I am a Professor in the College of Business at CSUMB. I teach courses related to Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and International Business. My research addresses international new ventures, international business opportunities, social & sustainable entrepreneurship, and youth entrepreneurship. I serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of Business Venturing, the Journal of Management Studies, and the Journal of World Business, as well as the Teaching & Learning Conference Committee of the Academy of Management.

I am excited to be involved with the Gonzales CoLab to learn more about the community and ways that my teaching and outreach activities can relate to public and private sector initiatives in Gonzales. I was very involved in community activities in my prior position at the University of New Mexico, including a youth entrepreneurship initiative and international business promotion activities. I am interested in getting involved in similar efforts in the Central Coast, as well as finding ways to link the community to programs at the CSUMB College of Business.

Joel Ryman

Joel A. Ryman, Ph.D., joined the CSUMB faculty in August 2019 as an Associate Professor of Management. He is the Director of the Capstone Program and teaches the Capstone course. Previously, he taught global business and strategic management at East Tennessee State University. Joel received his B.A. in Economics from Goshen College in 1982. In 1988, he graduated from the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona, with a Master of International Management degree, focusing on international finance and the Japanese language. He was awarded his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee in 1999, where his primary area of study was strategic management.

His research focus is on entrepreneurship and innovation management. Specifically, he wants to understand the innovation processes of small and medium-size companies better. While innovation management is currently his primary area of research interest, Dr. Ryman is also exploring management issues related to strategic thinking and the effects of religion on the nature and scope of entrepreneurship. He is excited to partner with the community of Gonzales as a CoLab Faculty Fellow.

Jennifer Lovell

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at CSUMB. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and later specialized in pediatric psychology and infant mental health during postdoctoral training at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. My primary areas of scholarly interest focus on health disparities, integrated behavioral healthcare, social and cultural factors impacting child and family health and wellness, and prevention of community violence. I recently completed a book co-authored by Dr. Joseph White (Lovell & White, 2019), entitled The “Troubled” Adolescent: Challenges and Resilience within Family and Multicultural Contexts. I teach courses on clinical psychology, psychology in the community (service-learning), multicultural counseling, research methods, health psychology, and adolescent psychology.

Community-engaged and collaborative scholarship are priorities in my teaching and research. My expertise in child and family wellness dovetails nicely with the initial needs identified within the CoLab. I currently have a research partnership with the City of Seaside Blue Ribbon Panel for the Reduction of Youth Violence. I also co-facilitate two teaching co-ops on campus, and I will have the opportunity to share insights learned and possible partnership opportunities with other faculty interested in this important work.

Ignacio Navarro

I am a Professor of research methods and policy analysis in the Department of Health, Human Services & Public Policy at California State University Monterey Bay. My research interests include housing, economic development, family economic self-sufficiency and child welfare policy. My research has been published in leading journals in the fields of land and housing economics and Social Work. I also work as a senior researcher of the Institute for Community Collaborative Studies at CSUMB since 2009 and have participated in various community assessments and program evaluations in the fields of Health and Human Services for public agencies and local foundations in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

I am interested in learning more about the city of Gonzales’ needs and aspirations and hopefully establish some future partnerships that can benefit the city and my students.